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Projects using Cython

  • Sage math software
  • lxml XML processing library
  • SciPy Scientific Tools for Python
  • yacairo yet another cairo binding (alpha)
  • FEMhub Finite Element package
  • CDS Invenio CERN Document Server Invenio
  • Python-EFL Python-EFL
  • Plasticity Synaptic Modification in Rate-Based Neurons (simulation package)
  • GIPSY Interactive package for the processing and display of astronomical data
  • Tuke an electrical design automation library
  • WorldMill (now Fiona) GIS geospatial feature interface
  • mpi4py MPI for Python
  • petsc4py PETSc for Python
  • slepc4py SLEPc for Python
  • tao4py TAO for Python
  • Crux Software toolkit for molecular phylogenetic inference
  • Kapteyn Package Tools for astronomy (WCS, map plotting, and more)
  • Python::OpenCL A Pythonic wrapper for OpenCL.
  • PyAFS A wrapper for the AFS libraries.
  • tichy python applets manager for small devices
  • PyYAML YAML parser and emitter for Python
  • python-edje Python bindings for Edje, part of Enlightenment Foundation Libraries
  • pyutmp Python binding for Unix utmp file
  • pyOpenGL Python bindings for OpenGL: The main bindings use ctypes, but the "accelerate" module uses Cython
  • PyTables Hierarchical datasets in Python. Leverages a combination of HDF5, Numexpr and Blosc.
  • carray An in-memory data container that can be compressed for both space efficiency and speed.
  • pykbool polygon clipper wrapper for the wxArt2D library
  • pycpx wrapper for IBM's CPlex Optimizer Suite
  • ODE Python bindings for Open Dynamics Engine
  • pytaglib Python bindings for taglib (audio metadata library)
  • spaCy High-performance natural language processing library
  • others...
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