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The 1st international symposium on advances in Cython

See the planning page. Note that you need to be logged in to view that page.

The program for the Open Cython Day has its own page.

William Stein:

When some Cython developers are ready to all get flown somewhere cool
to work together on Cython for a few days, all expenses paid, let me
know. I'm serious.

See the NSF grant:

Both developers and users should be welcome, and contents will be adjusted to the mix of people present. (We can't promise funding to everybody who wants to attend, but everybody who wants to do something is up for consideration for funding even if there's no previous contributions to Cython.)

Possible themes

  • Doc sprint
  • Push for Cython 1.0
  • Hashing out CEPs and find overall direction beyond 1.0


  • undecided
  • proposals: Munich/DE, Paris/FR (EuroSciPy), Berkeley/US


  • undecided
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