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The 1st international symposium on advances in Cython

William Stein:

When some Cython developers are ready to all get flown somewhere cool
to work together on Cython for a few days, all expenses paid, let me
know. I'm serious.

See the NSF grant:

Both developers and users should be welcome, and contents will be adjusted to the mix of people present. (We can't promise funding to everybody who wants to attend, but everybody who wants to do something is up for consideration for funding even if there's no previous contributions to Cython.) There are some restrictions on reimbursed travel:

Possible themes

  • Doc sprint
  • Push for Cython 1.0
  • Hashing out CEPs and find overall direction beyond 1.0

Core development topics

See topics page.

And schedule.



  • Mannheimer Straße 17, see the map
  • Contact: Stefan Behnel, +49-172-8405156
  • Getting there: use the U3 or U6 to "Münchner Freiheit", then take the head exit towards Leopoldstraße/Clemensstraße and follow the wide street Leopoldstraße straight on from the subway station until you hit "Sulzbacher Straße" on the left (before you reach the larger "Rheinstraße"). "Mannheimer Straße" is just a bit down that street on the left, the house is right at the corner. * from central train station: any suburban in eastern direction ("Marienplatz"/"Ostbahnhof"), change into U3/U6 at "Marienplatz" * from airport: prefer the faster S8 over the S1, change into U3/U6 at "Marienplatz". Expect at least one hour of travel time from the airport.

Local travel information for München

main public transport lines as PDF

public transport connection planner


See Open Cython Day


Assuming time and place is a good fit, I'll attend:

||**Who**||**Location**||**When, roughly, is a good time**|| ||Stefan Behnel||Munich, Germany||Feb-early Mar, Apr, Jul, Oct-Dec || ||Dag Sverre Seljebotn||Oslo, Norway ||Feb-Jul, Nov-Dec|| ||Robert Bradshaw||Seattle, USA||May-Oct|| ||Mark Florisson||Enschede, Netherlands || Feb-Apr, Mid-Apr-Jun, Oct-Dec|| ||Vitja Makarov|| Moscow, Russia || Feb-Mar, ??need visa?? || ||Pauli Virtanen||Wurzburg, Germany|||| ||Francesc Alted||Castelló, Spain|||| ||Haoyu Bai||Singapore|||| ||Friedrich Romstedt||Dresden, Germany||||

Originally proposed locations

  • Munich works well (until end of April), proposed: March 2-6 or March 30-April 3rd.

  • Probably, Berkeley would be able to host as well (looking at William's NSF grant), as would University of Washington

  • How about in Paris, after or before EuroScipy. The EuroScipy organization can probably have rooms for free at ENS. Contact Gael Varoquaux if you are interested
    • Dag: I positively can't make it in August (can't make EuroScipy either :-( ). But the rest of you should feel free.
    • Gael: On a personal note: too bad, we'll miss you. With regards to the workshop, I extend my offer to help organizing it in Paris at any date if people are interested, but I can't warrant that anybody from the Paris crowd will come.
  • For a hacking-oriented workshop, one thing that's worked well for Sage Days is to rent out a small house and all work from there.

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