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Cytomine ULiège

R&D team at ULiège for @cytomine since 2010. To ask for a specific demo account, to support the open-source project, or for service requests, contact @cytomine.

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  1. Forked from cytomine/Cytomine-bootstrap

    Cytomine installation procedure. See @cytomine for official releases.

    Shell 1 4

  2. Forked from cytomine/Dockerfiles

    Dockerfiles used to compile Cytomine docker images. See @cytomine for official releases.

    PLpgSQL 1 1

  3. Forked from cytomine/Cytomine-core

    Cytomine-Core is the main web server implementing the Cytomine API. See @cytomine for official releases.

    HTML 2 5

  4. Forked from cytomine/Cytomine-python-client

    Client to interact with Cytomine API in Python. See @cytomine for official releases.

    Python 2 1

  5. Forked from cytomine/Cytomine-java-client

    Client to communicate with Cytomine API in Java. See @cytomine for official releases.


  6. Forked from cytomine/Cytomine-IMS

    Cytomine-IMS: Image Management System. See @cytomine for official releases.

    Groovy 1 2

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