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Version 0.17 (unreleased)

Version 0.16.3

  • [Fix] Changed SMIME size threshold from 12MB to 1200MB

Version 0.16.2

Version 0.16.1

  • [Enh] Code refactoring
  • [Enh] Removed tput coloring (making it work under FreeBSD)
  • [Enh] Removed table list, as it was to slow with db: >1000 tables
  • [Fix] Fixed bug on systems with locales that use commas for floats
  • [Fix] Fixed configure to not stop when target directory does not exist

Version 0.16

  • [Fix] Show pipefail-emulation errors and warnings (now works as expected)
  • [Fix] Using --defaults-file instead of --defaults-extra-file to make sure no unwanted options are loaded.
  • [Fix] Wrong "finished with errors" on tmpwatch readonly files
  • [Fix] Exception Handling: Handle all unbound variables
  • [Fix] Catch error in case of wrong values in all 0/1 variables
  • [Fix] Catch tmpwatch/tmpreaper errors and show warn/err accordingly
  • [Fix] tmpreaper/tmpwatch values now accept/validate units (m, h, d)
  • [Fix] Output: stdout did not show all deleted files by tmpwatch/tmpreaper
  • [Fix] Testing: Validate MYSQL_OPTS
  • [Enh] Adding info files for each dump file (optionally).
  • [Enh] Logleves for logging to file (0-3)
  • [Enh] Adding info: Show SSL cyphers in use by server (If SSL is enabled)
  • [Enh] Adding info: Show if Server is master or slave
  • [Enh] Adding info: Show server name and version
  • [Enh] Adding info: Show current connection IP/Port or socket
  • [Enh] Improving Logic: Allow $REQUIRE to overwrite $IGNORE
  • [Enh] Improving Option: Allowing wildcards for ignored databases (e.g: IGNORE="*")
  • [Enh] Adding option: Conditional --quick dependent on database size
  • [Enh] Adding option: Consistend DB dumps (InnoDB, mixed, other)
  • [Enh] Adding option: SSL Connection
  • [Enh] Adding argument: --verbose argument
  • [Enh] Testing: Adding lots and lots of travis checks.
  • [Enh] Making /tmp folder settable via config
  • [Enh] Output: New debug level: trace
  • [Enh] Output: Colorized logging
  • [Enh] Output: Consolidate logging
  • [Enh] Script: Use #!/bin/sh -u to check against unset variables
  • [Enh] Removed ${_INSTALL_PREFIX} from config file

Version 0.15

  • [Fix] Exception Handling: Show error when file already exists on disk
  • [Fix] Fixed failed count and total dumped count
  • [Fix] [install] Fixed script install permissions
  • [Fix] [Nagios plugin] Submodule udpated
  • [Enh] [conf] Allow to specify custom config via argument
  • [Enh] Cleaned debug output

Version 0.14.1

  • [Fix] [install] Create man dir if not exists

Version 0.14

  • [Fix] Do not silently ignore empty databases, show that they were skipped with reason.
  • [Enh] Add man page: man 1 mysqldump-secure
  • [Enh] Improved install routine

Version 0.13

  • [Fix] #17 [sec] chmod is done after dumping to disk (now using umask before)
  • [Fix] #16 allow 0700 chmod formats as well as 700
  • [Enh] Added documentation about security measurements
  • [Enh] Improved code readability of integrity checks
  • [Enh] Auto-fix Nagios Log chmod permissions.
  • [Enh] Add chmod setting for Nagios Log in config.
  • [Enh] Added compression preset: pigz

Version 0.12

  • [Fix] Now properly reports whether nagios plugin log is enabled/disabled
  • [Enh] Code cleaning: created solid base for more cli arguments
  • [Enh] Cron mode (--cron) (Silenced cron mode: no debug, only warnings and errors)
  • [Enh] Test mode (--test)
  • [Enh] Help screen (--help)
  • [Enh] Version screen (--version)
  • [Enh] Adjusted documentation

Version 0.11.3

  • [Fix] Try to create logfile directory if it does not exist

Version 0.11.2

  • [Fix] make install: Add directories if they don't exist

Version 0.11.1

  • [Fix] ./configure: ignore missing runtime requirements

Version 0.11

  • [Fix] make uninstall: Also remove *.new files
  • [Enh] Prefix path for installation
  • [Enh] ./configure && make && make install routine
  • [Enh] Variable name refactoring
  • [Enh] Added encryption performance documentation
  • [Enh] Added compression performance documentation
  • [Enh] Added xz default preset

Version 0.10

  • [Enh] More documentation about compression
  • [Enh] Added pbzip2 as a much faster pre-configured compression algorithm

Version 0.9

  • [Enh] Added .editorconfig to the project
  • [Fix] Documentation: dos file types changed to unix
  • [Fix] Install in /usr/local/bin instead of /usr/local/sbin
  • [Enh] Keep original filename after decryption (
  • [Enh] Make compression algorithm dynamic (thanks to @Paike)

Version 0.8

  • [Enh] Plugin update
  • [Enh] Documentation
  • [Enh] Makefile adjustments

Version 0.7

  • [Enh] Better default dump options
  • [Enh] Pass shellcheck

Version 0.6

  • [Enh] #11 Added choice to use either tmpwatch (redhat/centos/fedora) or tmpreaper (ubuntu/debian)
  • [Bug] #12 Remove files even if EUID doesn’t have write access (have config option for that to enable)

Version 0.5.1

  • [Enh] Improved Nagios Long output

Version 0.5

  • [Bug] Do not overwrite configuration files during re-/install
  • [Enh] Tied submodule check_mysqldump-secure to 0.5

Version 0.4

  • [Bug] Fixed bug when adding up two non integers (time and size)
  • [Bug] Fixed bug when using compression AND encryption together
  • [Enh] Display total Size and total Megabytes at the end
  • [Enh] Adjustable file/folder permission for target dir and db dumps
  • [Enh] List of required databases
  • [Enh] Added evil/bad mysqldump option blacklist

Version 0.3

  • [Enh] Added Nagios Plugin submodule
  • [Enh] Added Nagios Configuration Options

Version 0.2

  • [Fix] Added full POSIX compatibility
  • [Enh] Show database size while dumping
  • [Enh] Added installation via composer

Version 0.1

  • [Fix] Added full POSIX compatibility
  • [Enh] Show database size while dumping