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Convert CX JSON to cytoscape.js.

cytoscape-cx2js does not handle conversion of Cytoscape Desktop Annotations. To convert Cytoscape Desktop Annotations to cytoscape.js see: cyannotation-cx2js.

cytoscape-cx2js does not handle conversion of CX2. To convert CX2 to cytoscape.js see: cx-viz-converter.

Documentation for the CX data model can be found here.

Run targets

  • npm run build : build project
  • npm run build-prod : build the project for production
  • npm run clean : clean the project
  • npm run watch : watch mode (debug mode enabled, autorebuild, autoreload)
  • npm test : run tests
  • npm run lint : lint the project


All files /test will be run by Mocha. You can npm test to run all tests, or you can run mocha -g specific-test-name (prerequisite: npm install -g mocha) to run specific tests.

Chai is included to make the tests easier to read and write.

Publishing a release

  1. Make sure the tests are passing: npm test
  2. Make sure the linting is passing: npm run lint
  3. Bump the version number with npm version, in accordance with semver. The version command in npm updates both package.json and git tags, but note that it uses a v prefix on the tags (e.g. v1.2.3).
  4. For a bug fix / patch release, run npm version patch.
  5. For a new feature release, run npm version minor.
  6. For a breaking API change, run npm version major.
  7. For a specific version number (e.g. 1.2.3), run npm version 1.2.3.
  8. Push the release: git push origin --tags
  9. Publish to npm: npm publish .