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2017 CyREST Competition

There were four winners of the 2017 CyREST Competition, all demonstrating solved problems using R and Python combined with Cytoscape Automation.

The winners were:

  • Leandro Lima (Python) teaser

    • Mined skateboarding data and produced simple visualization ... shows data acquisition and basic CyREST usage
  • Mark Grimes (R) teaser

    • Shows how derive multiple results from a valuable biological network, to compose visualizations and get them into a standalone browser display
  • Matthias König (Python) teaser

    • Uses SBML and time course simulation to produce animated pathway (using cy3sbml & roadrunner)
  • Ruth Isserlin (R) teaser

    • Extensive cell-cell interaction calculations in Python followed by simple but elegant styling and layout

Note to repository maintainers: Please *DO NOT* move this page ... the Cytoscape Automation paper refers directly to it.

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