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Bird's eye view pan and zoom control for Cytoscape.js


  • Cytoscape.js ^2.6.0 || ^3.0.0

Usage instructions

Download the library:

  • via npm: npm install cytoscape-navigator,
  • via bower: bower install cytoscape-navigator, or
  • via direct download in the repository (probably from a tag).

require() the library as appropriate for your project:


var cytoscape = require('cytoscape');
var navigator = require('cytoscape-navigator');

navigator( cytoscape ); // register extension


require(['cytoscape', 'cytoscape-navigator'], function( cytoscape, navigator ){
  navigator( cytoscape ); // register extension

Plain HTML/JS has the extension registered for you automatically, because no require() is needed.


var cy = cytoscape({ /* ... */ });

var defaults = {
    container: false // string | false | undefined. Supported strings: an element id selector (like "#someId"), or a className selector (like ".someClassName"). Otherwise an element will be created by the library.
  , viewLiveFramerate: 0 // set false to update graph pan only on drag end; set 0 to do it instantly; set a number (frames per second) to update not more than N times per second
  , thumbnailEventFramerate: 30 // max thumbnail's updates per second triggered by graph updates
  , thumbnailLiveFramerate: false // max thumbnail's updates per second. Set false to disable
  , dblClickDelay: 200 // milliseconds
  , removeCustomContainer: true // destroy the container specified by user on plugin destroy
  , rerenderDelay: 100 // ms to throttle rerender updates to the panzoom for performance

var nav = cy.navigator( defaults ); // get navigator instance, nav

You may call nav.destroy() to remove the navigator widget and associated cleanup.

Publishing instructions

  1. Update the package version: npm version major|minor|patch
  2. Publish to npm: npm publish
  3. Make a release on GitHub to automatically register a new Zenodo DOI