Collect User Feedback

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Collect User Feedback


An important part of software development is getting feedback from the user community. This can help improve your tool not only by identifying bugs, but in terms of usability and features. This step outlines some strategies for collecting user feedback for your Cytoscape App.


"Hallway" testing

Reach out to colleagues (sometimes literally found in the hallways of your workplace) and ask them to take a few minutes to try out a particular user interface element or functionality. Within your group of colleagues try to find someone to test out complete use cases as well.

Cytoscape mailing lists

Also consider sending an email to the Cytoscape helpdesk mailing list. It's a great way to reach the wider Cytoscape user community. Useful items to include in your email are:

  • A short description of your app and what it is designed for
  • An example of use including a screenshot
  • Where to access your app
  • A set of short instructions for how to get started to make it easy for anyone to start using your app. Include test data if necessary.
  • Specific questions for users
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