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A Flutter package with a selection of simple yet very customizable set of loading animations.
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Flutter Loading Animations Pub

A simple yet very customizable set of loading animations for Flutter projects.


Add the following to your pubspec.yaml file:

  loading_animations: "^2.0.0"

Then import the file to your project:

import 'package:loading_animations/loading_animations.dart';

How to use

Choose a loading animation from the list:


  • LoadingFlipping.square()


  • LoadingRotating.square()


  • LoadingDoubleFlipping.square()


  • LoadingBouncingGrid.square()

Then add the following code:

Or you can customize it a bit:

  borderColor: Colors.cyan,
  size: 30.0,

Or customize it even more!
  borderColor: Colors.cyan,
  borderSize: 3.0,
  size: 30.0,
  backgroundColor: Colors.cyanAccent,
  duration: Duration(milliseconds: 500),

For more customization, please look inside the loading animaton files.

Note: all the animations come ready to go just by calling LoadingDoubleFlipping.square(), for example.

Many basic animations contain .circle() and .square() variations by default.


Note: the following gifs are not yet updated to reflect verison 2.0.0

For a more true experience of the animations and its variations, download the example project and run using flutter run --profile.

LoadingFlipCircle() LoadingRotatingSquare()
LoadingFlipBox() LoadingBouncingGrid()


Please feel free to:

  • ask questions
  • report issues and bugs
  • suggest code improvements
  • request new features

Create an issue or a pull request and I will be more than happy to review it and add to the project.


This project was heavily based on

If you like this package, dont forget to hit the ⭐️ button!

Thanks and happy coding 👻

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