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A plugin that adds private messaging support to Beast.
1) First, install the beast_plugins plugin if you haven't already:
script/plugin install
2) Install this plugin:
cd vendor/beast
svn export
3) Run the following command:
script/runner 'Beast::Plugins::PrivateMessage.install'
4) Add the plugin to the list of Beast plugins to be initialized. If you this is
the first Beast plugin you can initialize plugins by creating a plugins.rb file
in config/initializers and add the following line(s):
Beast::Plugin.initialize_plugins 'Beast::Plugins::PrivateMessage'
5) Edit app/views/users/show.html.erb and add the following lines at the bottom:
<%= private_messages @user %>
<%= private_message_for @user %>
The first method, 'private_messages', lists the private messages between the
session user and the passed in user. If the passed in user is the same as
the session user, then all private messages involving that user is listed.
The second method, 'private_message_for', generates the private message form
on that page and a link to show that form.
6) Add some additional styles to public/stylesheets/display.css by copying the contents of
private_messages.css to that stylesheet:
cat vendor/beast/private_message/private_messages.css >> public/stylesheets/display.css
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