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This is a quick 'n' dirty module to easily enable Google Analytics support
in your application. By default it'll output the analytics code for every
single page automatically, if it's configured correctly. This is done by
Rubaidh::GoogleAnalytics.tracker_id = 'UA-12345-67'
to your `config/environment.rb`, inserting your own tracker id. This can be
discovered by looking at the value assigned to +_uacct+ in the Javascript
If you want to disable the code insertion for particular pages, add the following to controllers that don't want it:
skip_after_filter :add_google_analytics_code
Simple. :-)
This version of the plugin uses the new Google Analytics code (ga.js) by
default. To use the legacy tracking code add the following line to your
Rubaidh::GoogleAnalytics.legacy_mode = true