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Added some comments to the sharing function.

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1 parent 15d4574 commit 60ac37103176e279ab5efc611a984695fe1784ef @johnworth johnworth committed Jun 30, 2012
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  1. +8 −0 src/nibblonian/irods_actions.clj
8 src/nibblonian/irods_actions.clj
@@ -712,6 +712,10 @@
write-perm (:write perms)
own-perm (:own perms)
base-dir (ft/path-join "/" @zone)]
+ ;;Parent directories need to be readable, otherwise
+ ;;files and directories that are shared will be
+ ;;orphaned in the UI.
(loop [dir-path (ft/dirname fpath)]
(when-not (= dir-path base-dir)
(let [curr-perms (permissions share-with dir-path)
@@ -721,8 +725,12 @@
(set-permissions share-with dir-path true curr-write curr-own)
(recur (ft/dirname dir-path)))))
+ ;;Set the actual permissions on the file/directory.
(set-permissions share-with fpath read-perm write-perm own-perm true)
+ ;;If the shared item is a directory, then it needs the inheritance
+ ;;bit set. Otherwise, any files that are added to the directory will
+ ;;not be shared.
(when (is-dir? fpath)
(.setAccessPermissionInherit (:collectionAO cm) @zone fpath true)))))

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