jQuery plugin to monitor the URL for changes in the hash.
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jQuery hashlisten v0.1.0

Monitors the URL for changes in the hash. Requires JQuery 1.3+.

This is often used for pages that have many states. If each state is represented by a different hash in the URL (for instance, http://site.com/#edit), clicking the back button will return the page to the previous state.

The challenge: there is no browser event fired after clicking the back button. Hashlisten solves that by continuously monitoring the URL hash and triggering a callback when it's changed.


<!-- html -->
<a href="#/post/32">Go to the new post</a>

// This JS callback will be called after the link is clicked
$.hashListen('/post/:id', function (id) {
    $("#content").html("Loading post number "+id+"...);
    // etc

More usage examples

// Example for http://site.com/#/post/2/edit
$.hashListen('/post/:id/:action', function (id, action) {
  console.log("Parameters: " + id + ", " + action);
  //=> Parameters: 2, edit

  console.log(this.matches); // same as [id, action]
  //=> Matches: [2, 'edit']

  console.log("The entire hash: " + this.hash);
  //=> The entire hash: /post/2/edit

  console.log("The previous hash: " + this.referrer);
  //=> The previous hash: #whatever_was_before


Hashlisten is authored and maintained by Rico Sta. Cruz of Sinefunc, Inc. See more of our work on www.sinefunc.com!


(c) 2010 Rico Sta. Cruz and Sinefunc, Inc. See the LICENSE file for more details.