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* Bermuda Syndrome engine rewrite
* Copyright (C) 2007-2011 Gregory Montoir
#ifndef GAME_H__
#define GAME_H__
#include "intern.h"
#include "random.h"
#include "fs.h"
struct SceneBitmap {
uint16_t w; // x2
uint16_t h; // y2
uint16_t pitch;
uint8_t *bits;
struct SceneAnimation {
char name[20];
int16_t firstMotionIndex;
int16_t motionsCount;
int16_t firstObjectIndex;
int16_t objectsCount;
int16_t firstSoundBufferIndex;
int16_t soundBuffersCount;
uint8_t *scriptData;
uint16_t scriptSize;
int16_t unk26;
struct SceneObject {
int16_t xInit;
int16_t yInit;
int16_t x;
int16_t y;
int16_t xPrev;
int16_t yPrev;
int16_t zInit;
int16_t zPrev;
int16_t z;
int16_t frameNum;
int16_t frameNumPrev;
int16_t flipInit;
int16_t flip;
int16_t flipPrev;
int16_t motionNum; // motionStart
int16_t motionInit;
int16_t motionNum1; // motionNumPrev
int16_t motionNum2; // motionNum
int16_t motionFrameNum; // motionIdle ?
int16_t mode;
int16_t modeRndMul;
int16_t statePrev;
int16_t state;
char name[20];
char className[20];
int16_t varsTable[10];
struct SoundBuffer {
char filename[40];
// uint8_t *buffer; // original preload the sound
struct SceneObjectMotion {
int16_t firstFrameIndex;
int16_t count;
int16_t animNum;
struct Box {
int16_t x1;
int16_t x2;
int16_t y1;
int16_t y2;
uint8_t state;
int16_t z;
int16_t startColor;
int16_t endColor;
struct SceneObjectFrameHeader {
int16_t num; // 0
int16_t w; // 2
int16_t h; // 4
int16_t xPos; // 6
int16_t yPos; // 8
struct SceneObjectFrame {
uint8_t *data;
SceneObjectFrameHeader hdr;
int (*decode)(const uint8_t *, uint8_t *);
struct BagObject {
char name[20];
uint8_t *data;
uint32_t dataSize; // not in the original
struct NextScene {
int16_t num;
char name[20];
struct SceneObjectStatus {
int16_t x;
int16_t y;
int16_t z;
int16_t motionNum;
int16_t frameNum;
int16_t flip;
struct Script {
uint8_t *data;
int dataOffset;
int testDataOffset;
int currentObjectNum;
bool objectFound;
int testObjectNum;
int nextScene;
int statementNum;
int16_t fetchNextWord() {
int16_t word = READ_LE_UINT16(data + dataOffset);
dataOffset += 2;
return word;
const char *fetchNextString() {
int len = fetchNextWord();
assert(len >= 1);
const char *str = (const char *)(data + dataOffset);
dataOffset += len;
assert(len >= 1 && str[len - 1] == '\0');
return str;
const char *getString() {
return (const char *)(data + dataOffset);
struct DialogueChoice {
char *id;
bool gotoFlag;
char *nextId;
char *speechSoundFile;
char *text;
struct Game;
struct GameConditionOpcode {
int num;
bool (Game::*pf)();
struct GameOperatorOpcode {
int num;
void (Game::*pf)();
enum {
kActionTake = 0,
kActionTalk = 1,
kActionGirl = 2,
kActionUseObject = 3,
enum {
kObjectFlipY = 1,
kObjectFlipX = 2
enum {
kVarHasSword = 1,
kVarHasGun = 2,
kVarAmmo = 3
enum {
kLeftMouseButton = 1 << 0,
kRightMouseButton = 1 << 1
enum {
enum {
kCycleDelay = 50,
kGameScreenWidth = 640,
kGameScreenHeight = 480,
kOffsetBitmapInfo = 0,
kOffsetBitmapPalette = kOffsetBitmapInfo + 40,
kOffsetBitmapBits = kOffsetBitmapPalette + 256 * 4,
kBitmapBufferDefaultSize = 40 + 256 * 4 + 640 * 480 + 256 * 4
static inline int getBitmapWidth(const uint8_t *p) {
return READ_LE_UINT16(p) + 1;
static inline int getBitmapHeight(const uint8_t *p) {
return READ_LE_UINT16(p + 2) + 1;
static inline int getBitmapSize(const uint8_t *p) {
int sz = 4 + getBitmapWidth(p) * getBitmapHeight(p);
return sz;
static inline const uint8_t *getBitmapData(const uint8_t *p) {
return p + 4;
static inline bool boxInRect(Box *box, int rect_x1, int rect_x2, int rect_y1, int rect_y2) {
assert(box->x1 <= box->x2 && box->y1 <= box->y2);
const int xmin = MIN(rect_x1, rect_x2);
const int xmax = MAX(rect_x1, rect_x2);
const int ymin = MIN(rect_y1, rect_y2);
const int ymax = MAX(rect_y1, rect_y2);
return box->x1 <= xmax && box->x2 >= xmin && box->y1 <= ymax && box->y2 >= ymin;
struct Mixer;
struct SystemStub;
struct Game {
enum {
NUM_VARS = 310,
Game(SystemStub *stub, const char *dataPath, const char *savePath, const char *musicPath);
SceneObject *derefSceneObject(int i) {
assert(i >= 0 && i < _sceneObjectsCount);
return &_sceneObjectsTable[i];
Box *derefBox(int i, int j) {
assert(i >= 0 && i < NUM_BOXES && j >= 0 && j < 10);
return &_boxesTable[i][j];
SceneObjectStatus *derefSceneObjectStatus(int i) {
assert(i >= 0 && i < NUM_SCENE_OBJECT_STATUS);
return &_sceneObjectStatusTable[i];
SceneObjectFrame *derefSceneObjectFrame(int i) {
assert(i >= 0 && i < _sceneObjectFramesCount);
return &_sceneObjectFramesTable[i];
// bag.cpp
void handleBagMenu();
void drawBagMenu(int xPosWnd, int yPosWnd);
// dialogue.cpp
void unloadDialogueData();
void setupDialog(const char *code);
void loadDialogueSprite(int spr);
void loadDialogueData(const char *filename);
void redrawDialogueSprite(int num);
void redrawDialogueBackground();
void redrawDialogueTexts();
void initDialogue();
void finiDialogue();
void handleDialogue();
// game.cpp
void detectVersion();
void restart();
void init();
void fini();
void mainLoop();
void updateMouseButtonsPressed();
void updateKeysPressedTable();
void setupScreenPalette(const uint8_t *src);
void clearSceneData(int anim);
void reinitializeObject(int object);
void updateObjects();
void runObjectsScript();
int findBagObjectByName(const char *objectName) const;
int getObjectTranslateXPos(int object, int dx1, int div, int dx2);
int getObjectTranslateYPos(int object, int dy1, int div, int dy2);
int findObjectByName(int currentObjectNum, int defaultObjectNum, bool *objectFlag);
void sortObjects();
void copyBufferToBuffer(int x, int y, int w, int h, SceneBitmap *src, SceneBitmap *dst);
void drawBox(int x, int y, int w, int h, SceneBitmap *src, SceneBitmap *dst, int startColor, int endColor);
void drawObject(int x, int y, const uint8_t *src, SceneBitmap *dst);
void drawObjectVerticalFlip(int x, int y, const uint8_t *src, SceneBitmap *dst);
void redrawObjectBoxes(int previousObject, int currentObject);
void redrawObjects();
void playVideo(const char *name);
void drawBitmapSequenceDemo(int num);
void stopMusic();
void playMusic(const char *name);
void changeObjectMotionFrame(int object, int object2, int useObject2, int count1, int count2, int useDx, int dx, int useDy, int dy);
int16_t getObjectTransformXPos(int object);
int16_t getObjectTransformYPos(int object);
bool comparePrevObjectTransformXPos(int object, bool fetchCmp = true, int cmpX = -1);
bool compareObjectTransformXPos(int object, bool fetchCmp = true, int cmpX = -1);
bool comparePrevObjectTransformYPos(int object, bool fetchCmp = true, int cmpY = -1);
bool compareObjectTransformYPos(int object, bool fetchCmp = true, int cmpY = -1);
void setupObjectPos(int object, int object2, int useObject2, int useData, int type1, int type2);
bool intersectsBox(int num, int index, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2);
// opcodes.cpp
const GameConditionOpcode *findConditionOpcode(int num) const;
const GameOperatorOpcode *findOperatorOpcode(int num) const;
void evalExpr(int16_t *val);
bool testExpr(int16_t val);
bool cop_true();
bool cop_isInRandomRange();
bool cop_isKeyPressed();
bool cop_isKeyNotPressed();
bool cop_testMouseButtons();
bool cop_isObjectInScene();
bool cop_testObjectPrevState();
bool cop_testObjectState();
bool cop_isObjectInRect();
bool cop_testPrevObjectTransformXPos();
bool cop_testObjectTransformXPos();
bool cop_testPrevObjectTransformYPos();
bool cop_testObjectTransformYPos();
bool cop_testObjectPrevFlip();
bool cop_testObjectFlip();
bool cop_testObjectPrevFrameNum();
bool cop_testObjectFrameNum();
bool cop_testPrevMotionNum();
bool cop_testMotionNum();
bool cop_testObjectVar();
bool cop_testObjectAndObjectXPos();
bool cop_testObjectAndObjectYPos();
bool cop_testObjectMotionYPos();
bool cop_testVar();
bool cop_isCurrentBagAction();
bool cop_isObjectInBox();
bool cop_isObjectNotInBox();
bool cop_isObjectNotIntersectingBox();
bool cop_isCurrentBagObject();
bool cop_isLifeBarDisplayed();
bool cop_isLifeBarNotDisplayed();
bool cop_testLastDialogue();
bool cop_isNextScene();
void oop_initializeObject();
void oop_evalCurrentObjectX();
void oop_evalCurrentObjectY();
void oop_evalObjectX();
void oop_evalObjectY();
void oop_evalObjectZ();
void oop_setObjectFlip();
void oop_adjustObjectPos_vv0000();
void oop_adjustObjectPos_vv1v00();
void oop_adjustObjectPos_vv1v1v();
void oop_setupObjectPos_121();
void oop_setupObjectPos_122();
void oop_setupObjectPos_123();
void oop_adjustObjectPos_1v0000();
void oop_adjustObjectPos_1v1v1v();
void oop_setupObjectPos_021();
void oop_setupObjectPos_022();
void oop_setupObjectPos_023();
void oop_evalObjectVar();
void oop_translateObjectXPos();
void oop_translateObjectYPos();
void oop_setObjectMode();
void oop_setObjectInitPos();
void oop_setObjectTransformInitPos();
void oop_evalObjectXInit();
void oop_evalObjectYInit();
void oop_evalObjectZInit();
void oop_setObjectFlipInit();
void oop_setObjectCel();
void oop_resetObjectCel();
void oop_evalVar();
void oop_getSceneNumberInVar();
void oop_disableBox();
void oop_enableBox();
void oop_evalBoxesXPos();
void oop_evalBoxesYPos();
void oop_setBoxToObject();
void oop_clipBoxes();
void oop_saveObjectStatus();
void oop_addObjectToBag();
void oop_removeObjectFromBag();
void oop_playSoundLowerEqualPriority();
void oop_playSoundLowerPriority();
void oop_startDialogue();
void oop_switchSceneClearBoxes();
void oop_switchSceneCopyBoxes();
// parser_scn.cpp
void parseSCN(const char *fileName);
// parser_dlg.cpp
void parseDLG();
// resource.cpp
void allocateTables();
void deallocateTables();
void loadCommonSprites();
void unloadCommonSprites();
uint8_t *loadFile(const char *fileName, uint8_t *dst = 0, uint32_t *dstSize = 0);
void loadWGP(const char *fileName);
void loadSPR(const char *fileName, SceneAnimation *sa);
void loadMOV(const char *fileName);
// saveload.cpp
void saveState(int slot);
void loadState(int slot, bool switchScene);
// win16.cpp (temporary helpers)
int win16_sndPlaySound(int op, void *data = 0);
void win16_stretchBits(SceneBitmap *bits, int srcHeight, int srcWidth, int srcY, int srcX, int dstHeight, int dstWidth, int dstY, int dstX);
int _nextState, _state;
bool _isDemo;
const char *_startupScene;
FileSystem _fs;
RandomGenerator _rnd;
SystemStub *_stub;
Mixer *_mixer;
const char *_dataPath;
const char *_savePath;
const char *_musicPath;
int _stateSlot;
int _mixerSoundId;
int _mixerMusicId;
int _bitmapSequence;
uint8_t *_bitmapBuffer0;
SceneBitmap _bitmapBuffer1;
uint8_t *_bitmapBuffer2;
SceneBitmap _bitmapBuffer3;
uint8_t *_bermudaOvrData;
uint8_t *_tempDecodeBuffer;
SceneBitmap _bagBackgroundImage;
uint8_t *_bermudaSprData;
uint8_t *_bermudaSprDataTable[3];
// inventory
uint8_t *_lifeBarImageTable[11][12];
uint8_t *_weaponIconImageTable[14];
uint8_t *_ammoIconImageTable[2][5];
uint8_t *_swordIconImage;
uint8_t *_iconBackgroundImage;
uint8_t *_lifeBarImage;
uint8_t *_bagObjectAreaBlinkImageTable[10];
int _bagObjectAreaBlinkCounter;
uint8_t *_bagWeaponAreaBlinkImageTable[10];
int _bagWeaponAreaBlinkCounter;
int _lifeBarCurrentFrame;
int _bagObjectW, _bagObjectH;
// dialogue
int _lastDialogueEndedId;
int _dialogueEndedFlag;
int _dialogueSpriteIndex;
int _dialogueSpriteFrameCountTable[3];
int _dialogueSpriteCurrentFrameTable[3];
int _dialogueChoiceSelected;
uint8_t *_dialogueSpriteDataTable[3][105];
int _dialogueSpeechIndex;
int _loadDialogueDataState;
int _dialogueDescriptionSize;
char *_dialogueDescriptionBuffer;
DialogueChoice _dialogueChoiceData[NUM_DIALOG_ENTRIES];
int _dialogueChoiceSize;
bool _dialogueChoiceGotoFlag[NUM_DIALOG_CHOICES];
char *_dialogueChoiceText[NUM_DIALOG_CHOICES];
char *_dialogueChoiceSpeechSoundFile[NUM_DIALOG_CHOICES];
char *_dialogueChoiceNextId[NUM_DIALOG_CHOICES];
int _dialogueChoiceCounter;
uint8_t *_dialogueFrameSpriteData;
Rect _dialogueTextRect;
// logic
int _sceneDescriptionSize;
char *_sceneDescriptionBuffer;
Script _objectScript;
int16_t _defaultVarsTable[NUM_VARS];
int16_t _varsTable[NUM_VARS];
const char *_scriptDialogId;
const char *_scriptDialogFileName;
const char *_scriptDialogSprite1;
const char *_scriptDialogSprite2;
bool _switchScene;
bool _startDialogue;
bool _loadState;
bool _clearSceneData;
bool _gameOver;
int _loadDataState;
int _currentBagAction;
int _previousBagAction;
int _currentBagObject;
int _previousBagObject;
bool _workaroundRaftFlySceneBug;
int _currentPlayingSoundPriority;
bool _lifeBarDisplayed;
bool _lifeBarDisplayed2;
uint8_t _keysPressed[128];
int _mouseButtonsPressed;
int _musicTrack; // useless, always equal to 0
char _musicName[40];
int _sceneNumber;
char _currentSceneWgp[128];
char _tempTextBuffer[128];
char _currentSceneScn[128];
int _bagPosX, _bagPosY;
SceneObject *_sortedSceneObjectsTable[NUM_SCENE_OBJECTS];
SceneObject _sceneObjectsTable[NUM_SCENE_OBJECTS];
int _sceneObjectsCount;
SceneAnimation _animationsTable[NUM_SCENE_ANIMATIONS];
int _animationsCount;
SoundBuffer _soundBuffersTable[NUM_SOUND_BUFFERS];
int _soundBuffersCount;
Box _boxesTable[NUM_BOXES][10];
int _boxesCountTable[NUM_BOXES];
SceneObjectFrame _sceneObjectFramesTable[NUM_SCENE_OBJECT_FRAMES];
int _sceneObjectFramesCount;
BagObject _bagObjectsTable[NUM_BAG_OBJECTS];
int _bagObjectsCount;
SceneObjectMotion _sceneObjectMotionsTable[NUM_SCENE_MOTIONS];
int _sceneObjectMotionsCount;
NextScene _nextScenesTable[NUM_NEXT_SCENES];
int _sceneConditionsCount;
SceneObjectStatus _sceneObjectStatusTable[NUM_SCENE_OBJECT_STATUS];
int _sceneObjectStatusCount;
static const GameConditionOpcode _conditionOpTable[];
static const int _conditionOpCount;
static const GameOperatorOpcode _operatorOpTable[];
static const int _operatorOpCount;
static const uint16_t _fontData[];
static const uint8_t _fontCharWidth[];
#endif // GAME_H__