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This repository explores how simple it can be to set up a valid, working Android project. You will need:

  • One .java activity source file, placed in its appropriate package directory
  • One AndroidManifest.xml
  • One build.gradle
    • Certainly this is optional, as you can build the project using command line tools from the Android SDK. But let's not complicate things unnecessarily.

For more in-depth information about this repository, see my blog post.

How to build

$ git clone https://github.com/czak/minimal-android-project.git
$ gradle installDebug

The app will be installed on all devices accessible to adb.


This project makes a few assumptions about your environment in order to build correctly:

  • You have gradle 2.10 installed - there is no Gradle Wrapper included.
  • You have JAVA_HOME set up. If you have java in your path, you should be good to go.
  • You have ANDROID_HOME set to the root folder of your Android SDK installation.
  • SDK and build tools versions are hardcoded in build.gradle to 23 and 23.0.2, respectively.

Additionally, the folder structure relies on the source set convention expected by the Gradle Android plugin:

 ├── build.gradle
 └── src
     └── main
         ├── AndroidManifest.xml
         └── java
             └── pl
                 └── czak
                     └── minimal
                         └── MainActivity.java


Suggestions on how to minimize this further are welcome!