Control brightness of external display on macOS and OSX automatically
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Synchronize your external display brightness with built-in display.

How it works

Application reads current brightness of your built-in display and passes it to external displays via DDC interface.

You can adjust brightness by a menu in the system status bar or hotkeys:

  • brightness down: ⇧ + ⌃ + F1,
  • brightness up: ⇧ + ⌃ + F2.

Adjusting brightness in the menu changes internal brightness factor for this display so future brightness updates match your preferences.

How to install

brew cask install brisync

Download the latest app binary zip file from here. Extract it and copy to your /Applications directory.

Tested displays
  • DELL U2415
  • DELL U2412M
  • DELL U2515H
  • DELL U2717D
  • DELL U3818DW
  • LG IPS235
  • IIYAMA PL2779Q
  • ASUS AS239
  • Fujitsu P27T-7
  • Eizo FlexScan EV2436W