Turn your arduino leonardo on a plug & play usb arcade controller.
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Original arcade joystick made with an arduino leonardo robotic board,
latency-zero and open source, build your own authentic arcade controller for your pc, raspberry, arcade machine...

Youtube demo:

Demo video

Work sending ASCII code messages through the USB simulate keystrokes on a real computer keyboard, is totally efficent, plug & play, customizable and so easy of configure with for example the emulators.

You can repost, share,make changes or any other action. But Please remember to mention me and put my github account.

NOTE: Now in the source code folder, are available 2 versions.

-1.0 Version is simpler and more understandable, but less efficent in response time.

-2.0, It is the most recent version is the result of a contribution of the programmer James Putman to the project. This new version is more low level code, but it has a great improvement in response time with respect to the original version.


-Open source -Zero latency -Plug and play -Usb powered -Easy to configure -Customizable -Work on any operative system -Actually work with 8 Directions and 8 Buttons -ONLY WORK WITH ARDUINO LEONARDO

Feel free to contact me. Cheers!!