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This script will convert an optimize guides csv output to a fasta file, numbering your guides and labelling them with your filename. If you input optimize_guides_output.csv, you will get optimize_guides_output.fasta.

bash optimize_guides_output.csv

This script will convert an optimize_guides csv output to a CSV file containing sequences to be ordered for synthesis. If you input optimize_guides_output.csv, you will get optimize_guides_output_to_order.csv.

The first row of the CSV will contain the header. The second row will contain the tracrRNA sequences. The following rows will include your crRNA sequences.

The CSV output will contain the following.

  1. Guide name
  2. Target sequence
  3. Reverse complement of the target sequence
  4. Guide RNA sequence (can order as RNA)
  5. Guide RNA template with T7 transcription site (can order as DNA, along with T7 18mer TAATACGACTCACTATAG, and transcribe using T7 enzyme)
bash optimize_guides_output.csv
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