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Tools for automated design of CRISPR guides for DASH, FLASH and CRISPR tagging experiments.
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guide_design_tools: Automated design of Cas9 guide RNAs

guide_design_tools is a collection of software for the automated design of Cas9 guide RNAs (gRNAs):

  1. DASHit designs gRNAs for DASH experiments based either on a set of existing sequencing reads, or based on an explicitly provided target sequence.


DASHit runs on Linux and macOS. Installing DASHit requires:

  1. g++
  2. go version 1.9 or later
  3. python3

To install:

git clone
cd guide_design_tools
make install


For academic and non-profit uses, guide_design_tools is free to use and modify. You must read and agree to the before using guide_design_tools.

If you are intersted in using guide_design_tools for commercial purposes, please contact Steve Collier at the CZ Biohub.

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