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:bowtie: transition

This document outlines the transition of my open source projects to new owners as dictated by circumstances.

If you're interested in taking over one of my projects, please read the lightweight terms below (so that we're on the same page) and if that sounds good and you see a project in the table below without a new owner, get in touch! :) (If there's a project you like that already has a new owner, please contact them directly - I'm sure they'd appreciate any help with co-maintaining.)

👉 Terms of handover

👌 New owner responsibilities

  • The project will retain my name (Honza Dvorsky), Twitter handle (@czechboy0) and website link ( in the README, describing me as the original author. You add yourself as the current owner and maintainer. My name/link doesn't need to be prominent, small print at the end of the README will suffice.
  • The project will have a Code of Conduct which will be enforced by you (or whomever you delegate it to), to ensure a welcoming environment for all contributors. Please ensure the CoC has your email address in it.
  • The project will not be deleted for the duration of at least 3 months, even if you stop maintaining it (to give people time to fork/migrate).

👍 New owner rights

  • You have a complete freedom over the project given that all responsibilities are respected. (I trust your judgement.)

Thanks for helping me keep the projects alive and thrive in the future :)


Repo name New owner Language TL;DR
czechboy0/BSON2JSON Joannis Swift BSON <-> JSON conversion
czechboy0/Buildasaur buildasaurs Swift Pull Request testing with Xcode Server
czechboy0/BuildaUtils buildasaurs Swift Buildasaur Utils
czechboy0/cmark vapor C/Swift SwiftPM-compatible cmark fork
czechboy0/cmark.swift vapor Swift Swift cmark wrapper
czechboy0/DUIToolbox czechboy0-deprecated Objective-C [Deprecated] UI/Foundation extensions and utilities
czechboy0/ekg-swift buildasaurs Swift Buildasaur analytics server
czechboy0/Environment Danappelxx Swift Access to environment variables
czechboy0/Express-4x-Typescript-Sample czechboy0-deprecated TypeScript [Deprecated] TypeScript + Node.js + Express sample
czechboy0/gzip Zewo Swift Swift wrapper of zlib made for easy gzip
czechboy0/gzip-openswift paulofaria Swift C7/S4 middlewares for gzip
czechboy0/gzip-vapor vapor Swift Vapor middlewares for gzip
czechboy0/hit Jcampbell05 Swift Experimental full-text search
czechboy0/Jay DanToml Swift JSON parser, NSJSON replacement
czechboy0/Jay-C7 DanToml Swift C7-compatibility Jay layer
czechboy0/Jay-Extras DanToml Swift Extra conveniences to work with Jay
czechboy0/Pong levlaz Swift Server uptime monitor
czechboy0/Redbird vapor Swift Swift Redis client
czechboy0/satellite buildasaurs Node.js Sever for providing build status badges for GitHub branches
czechboy0/SecretSocks czechboy0-deprecated Swift [Deprecated] TLS layer for Socks
czechboy0/Socks vapor Swift Sockets in Swift
czechboy0/swift-index explicitcall Swift Experimental SwiftPM package-searching service
czechboy0/swift-package-converter DanToml Swift Service for converting Package.swift to JSON
czechboy0/swift-package-crawler paulofaria Swift Crawler powering SwiftPM Statistics
czechboy0/swift-package-crawler-data paulofaria Data swift-package-crawler data dumps
czechboy0/swiftpm-dependency-fetcher DanToml Swift Service for viewing SwiftPM dependencies (powers
czechboy0/swiftpm-packages-statistics paulofaria Markdown Regularly crawled SwiftPM package statistics
czechboy0/SwiftSafe nickskull Swift Easy thread synchronization with GCD
czechboy0/Tasks Jcampbell05 Swift Run CLI commands from Swift
czechboy0/Templater Jcampbell05 Swift Extremely light-weight templating engine
czechboy0/vapor-markdown vapor Swift Vapor adapter for Markdown using cmark.swift
czechboy0/XcodeServer-API-Docs buildasaurs Markdown Unofficial Xcode Server API documentation
czechboy0/XcodeServerSDK buildasaurs Swift Access Xcode Server API with native Swift objects
czechboy0/xcskarel buildasaurs Swift Quickly manage your Xcode Server & Bots from the command line
czechboy0/zlib Zewo C SwiftPM-compatible fork of zlib


The transition of my OSS projects to new hands.






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