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A plugin for the symfony framework (version 1). Provides widgets and validators for HTML5 input types.
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# sfHtml5Form plugin #

The `sfHtml5FormPlugin` provides you with widgets and validators to use
the new HTML5 input types for forms and filters.

It also has a demonstration module for you to evaluate quickly how your 
browser supports the new fields.

## Where to use / Where not to use ##

HTML5 is cutting-edge technology, so only modern browsers support it.
But browsers not knowing the new input-types will fall back to rendering an
input-text - though you should be aware that they miss the comfort of the new input-types,
such as a calendar. So, your forms will be accessible anyways. And if you utilize 
`sfValidatorOr` you will be able to allow machine- (e.g `2007-02-19T12:34:56Z`)
and human-submitted (e.g. `19.2.2007 12:34:56`) values likewise.

Scenarios, I see these widgets in good use:

  *    use in backend

  *    use in an intranet if you have controll on the browsers the users use

  *    private pages
Scenarios, I see these widgets in not so good use:

  *    commercial pages (at least for now)

## Installation ##

  * Install the plugin (via a package)

        symfony plugin:install sfHtml5FormPlugin
  * Activate the plugin in the `config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php`
        class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
          public function setup()
            // ...
            // ...

  * Optional: Enable the demo module in the `backend/config/settings.yml`
        # we'll just enable the module for the dev environment
            # ...
            enabled_modules: [sfHtml5FormDemo]
            # ...
    And create a route to the module in the `backend/config/routing.yml`
          url: /demo
          param: { module: sfHtml5FormDemo, action: index }

    The module is available at `[BASEURL]/backend_dev.php/demo` now.
## Documentation ##

  All classes are documented inline.

## Classes ##

The plugin adds the following Validators:

  *  sfValidator5Color
  *  sfValidator5Date
  *  sfValidator5DateTimeLocal
  *  sfValidator5DateTime
  *  sfValidator5Email
  *  sfValidator5Month
  *  sfValidator5Time
The plugin adds the following Widgets:  

  *  sfWidgetFormInputColor
  *  sfWidgetFormInputDate
  *  sfWidgetFormInputDateTimeLocal
  *  sfWidgetFormInputDateTime
  *  sfWidgetFormInputEmail
  *  sfWidgetFormInputMonth
  *  sfWidgetFormInputNumber
  *  sfWidgetFormInputRange
  *  sfWidgetFormInputSearch
  *  sfWidgetFormInputTel
  *  sfWidgetFormInputTime
  *  sfWidgetFormInputUrl
  *  sfWidgetFormInputWeek
  *  sfWidgetFormKeygen

## using `sfWidgetFormInputDateTime` for Filters ##

    class YourFormFilter extends BaseYourFormFilter
      public function configure()
      	  'from_date', new sfWidgetFormInputDateTime()
      	  'to_date', new sfWidgetFormInputDateTime()

## Known issues ##

  *  Missing a validator for `sfWidgetFormInputWeek`
  *  Missing a validator for `sfWidgetFormKeygen`

## Contribution & Bugs ##

If you'd like to contribute or found any bugs, you are welcome to report them.