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Preparations (preferably done before the workshop)

  • Get latest drupal 8.
  • cd modules/contrib
  • git clone
  • drush en mycache
  • Create 2 additional authenticated users and a node.
  • Prepare a database viewer tool (phpmyadmin, mysql workbench)
  • Go to /mycache

Without page cache, dynamic_page_cache and big_pipe

drush pm-uninstall page_cache dynamic_page_cache big_pipe -y

Answer the following questions for anonymous user and the two authenticated ones. After changing code/enabling a module use drush cr to empty cache tables.

  1. No #cache property
  2. What is in the cache_render table? (keys, tags, data)
  3. What is in the cache_dynamic_page_cache table?
  4. Same a) and b) adding only ['#cache']['keys'].
  5. Same a) and b) adding ['#cache']['contexts'].

drush en page_cache

Same questions 1-3.

drush en dynamic_page_cache

Same questions 1-3.

drush en big_pipe