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neynt Adrestia Spells initial implementation. (#14)
* Rename units_cpp -> cpp

* Update rules_schema.json and rules.json files to the new schema and some rules that satisfy the schema respectively.

* J -> less verically-verbose spell descriptions

* Fix some bugs in rules.json

* Revert "Rename units_cpp -> cpp"

This reverts commit 2f76574.

* Start implementing new rules

* Add Effect class

* Add most of Sticky, plus Duration

* Add Selector

* Serialize and deserialize all of rules.json

* Use instead of j[] in from_json functions

* Define operator== for game classes.

* Spaces to tabs in .gitmodules

* Rename libadrestia_gdnative → cpp_gdnative

* Make operator== for GameRules a member instead of a free-floating function, to avoid cluttering compiler errors (of all reasons)

* Add Player and incomplete GameState

* Fix evil error when comparing effects (only Sticky effects need to deep compare their stickies)

* First cut at game rules. Game now works from beginning to end, apart from stickies.

* Can use tech right away, use mana cap

* Implement EffectInstance

* Add StickyInstance, almost ready to apply stickies to everything

* Oh man I am not good at effect evaluation pls to help

* typo

* Handle spell- and turn-triggered stickies. Make stickies disappear after their duration is complete. Process effects better.

* Add tests for spells in Conjuration

* Add Book of Regulation

* The great Sticky refactor

* Serialize GameState and Player round-trip

* Add GameView

* Implement and test counterspells

* Replace leading spaces with tabs

* Fizzle final spells if mana is burned. Add GameState pretty print.

* terminal-based game playable

* Add initial godot project.

* godot: Rich text and 9patch experiment. fonts/ folder. Move camera logic to global.

* Link godot/art-built to art/build; use autobuilt art

* Add .gitignore for godot/.import

* game scene stub

* GDNative wrappers for Adrestia Spells. (#13)

* Gdnative wrapper for Book

* Wrapper for Duration

* Enums and StickyInvoker wrapper

* Wrappers for Spell, EffectInstance, Selector

* Wrapper for Sticky

* Wrapper for GameRules

* Wrappers for StickyInstance and Player

* Add other platforms back to gdnlib. spaces->tabs in macros.h

* Generic forwarders using template specialization

* Use Forwarder instead of OwnerOrPointer base class. SCRIPT_AT macro.

* Remove need to hold Reference<NativeScript> for a wrapper's dependencies. A lot more macro magic.

* Add forwarders for GameState and GameView
Latest commit e6aa522 Nov 20, 2018


A balance game.