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Python SAGE Data Reader

A python reader for SAGE III and SAGE III ISS binary data files into an xarray dataset.


The binary files are not supplied and must be downloaded by the user.
SAGEIII binary files
SAGEIII-ISS binary files


To install the package run:

pip install sage3reader

Dataset details

The user should be able to match the coordinates and variables in the dataset with those in the binary file format sheet (Table C1.3 of the Data Product User Guide) taking note of the following changes

Binary Format Dataset
start_date (yyyymmdd) and start_time (hhmmss) integers start_time (datetime64)
end_date (yyyymmdd) and end_time (hhmmss) integers end_time (datetime64)
ground track date and time integers ground track datetime64


To load data for a single profile:

from sage3reader import l2binary_to_dataset

s3data = l2binary_to_dataset('/path/to/file')

To load all profiles in a directory tree:

from sage3reader import multi_path_l2binary_to_dataset

s3data = multi_path_l2binary_to_dataset('/path/to/files')

Other examples can be found in the examples folder.