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czsilence commented on pull request bjorn/tiled#865

@bjorn , thanks for reply and advice, I think you are right, the patch will cause more complex for TMX file format and plugin. I will update it if …

  • 7e289ce
    add MapObject::adjustBounds(), default do nothing. if inherit MapObje…
czsilence created branch mastar at czsilence/tiled
  • e887827
    1. fix a init order warning.
  • 69831a6
    add plugin interface to create tool for "create custom object"
czsilence opened pull request bjorn/tiled#865
Some change to support custom data read/write in origin tmx file.
5 commits with 236 additions and 9 deletions
  • b9fa290
    update .gitignore file, ignore visual build file while use qmake in w…
  • 3d133f1
    update map render, both iosmetric & orthogonal, support to draw custo…
  • 26fd770
    add new class CustomDataManager, to hold custom data for each map.
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