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This is an initial release of PHP Desktop for Linux. Please test.


  • To enable DevTools run with the command ./phpdesktop --remote-debugging-port=1234 and then open url in external Google Chrome browser.
  • Tested on Fedora 25 - works out of the box. Should also work on Debian and OpenSUSE.
  • Version 70.1 binaries available in this release. It fixes the issue with php-cgi process hanging.

Notes for this release:

  • Embeds Chromium 70.0.3538.102
  • Embeds PHP 7.2.12 and serves scripts via CGI
  • Embeds a custom edition of Mongoose multi-threaded web server used by NASA on International Space Station
  • Uses GTK 3 library
  • Tested thoroughly on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit. Should work on newer versions of Ubuntu as well.
  • Only 64-bit binaries are available for download. To build 32-bit binaries follow the instructions on the wiki page.
  • Copy your PHP scripts to the www/ directory. Edit PHP settings by modifying the php.ini file. See the project's README file to get a better understanding of how PHP Desktop works.
  • This release is funded by David Amanshia, see Issue #221 for details.
  • Instructions for building both phpdesktop and PHP from sources are on the Build on Linux wiki page
  • Sources are available in the linux70 branch