@cztomczak cztomczak released this Feb 8, 2019 · 2 commits to linux72 since this release

For newcomers - check out the project's README file.

Download 64-bit binaries: phpdesktop-linux-72.1.tar.gz (96.2 MB).

Thanks to David Amanshia for sponsoring this release (Issue #221).

Notes and changes for this release:

  • Embeds Chrome 72.0.3626.81
  • Includes PHP 7.2.12
  • Supports out of the box: Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and openSUSE
  • Only 64-bit binaries are available for download, but you can build 32-bit yourself
  • Instructions for building both PHP Desktop and PHP from sources are on the Build on Linux wiki page
  • Support for configuration via "settings.json" file, a total of 24 options were added. All most essential settings are supported: app icon, window title, single instance, web server configuration, Chrome cache folder, remote debugging, command line switches, downloads, mouse context menu.
  • Developer Tools support. Open via mouse context menu or debug remotely by setting fixed port in the settings file. You can use Selenium or PHP libraries to debug remotely.
  • Support for WebRTC and system Flash
  • Default PHP binaries support mysqli and pgsql extensions
  • Add test scripts in the "www/" directory
  • Support for dialogs: javascript dialogs, print dialog and file dialog.
  • Support for Popup browsers. Icon for popup is not set and title is fixed (same as main window). When main window is closed, app exists even when there are still popups open.
  • Support for Quota Requests / HTML 5 persistent storage
  • The "php-cgi-mysqli-pgsql" binary is PHP with "mysqli" and "pgsql" extensions enabled. To use this PHP version edit "settings.json" file and change option "web_server.cgi_interpreter" so that it points to that file. This PHP binary has an additional dependency "libpq5", so you need to make sure to install such package on end user machine.
  • Handles termination signals SIGINT, SIGTERM (ctrl+c via keyboard)
  • Downgrade from GTK 3 to GTK 2. The downgrade was necessary since the code for dialogs was copied from upstream CEF and it was tested only with GTK 2. Pull requests to upgrade this code to GTK 3 are welcome.
  • Fix "php-cgi" process hanging
  • Fix $_ENV["SERVER_ADDR"] not being set

Recommended ways for packaging app:

For more details on this release see Issue #221.

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