GUI toolkit for embedding Chromium in desktop apps
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There is no workable demo for PyCEF yet. CEF Python is still actively developed and the link is:

The PyCEF project ideas are currently being implemented as part of CEF Python. Any breaking changes are described in the Migration Guide document. You can already see implemented: update to latest Chromium, Tutorial, new API docs, better examples, python 3 support, unit tests, new tools that automate building CEF with patches etc. Most of the new features described in PyCEF draft can be implemented in CEF Python, so I decided that abandoning CEF Python at this point wasn't a good idea. I might fork CEF Python in the future and create PyCEF from it, when new features would require a major backward compatibility breaks, such as completely refactored API or Unicode support in Py2. But that's a distant future and I'm still not sure if forking is a good idea, will see.

PyCEF is a CEF Python clone that is more Pythonic. It is still under works. See below how a Hello World example will look like using the new API. It creates a window with a browser and navigates to Google:

import pycef as cef
from cef.browser import Browser


New changes coming:

  • Python 3.5, 3.4 and 2.7 support
  • Updated to the latest Chromium
  • Unicode strings in both Python 2 and Python 3. In CEF Python byte strings were used in Python 2.
  • API cleanup. Better package structure with submodules like app, browser, interfaces, etc.
  • Will follow the PEP8 style guide. Function names in lower case with underscores. Transform enum uppercase constants to class types whenever possible.
  • Better examples
  • Tutorial with many topics explained
  • New great API docs, easy to navigate, up-to-date and easily searchable
  • New tools that fully automate building on all platforms using CMake. Also build automation of CEF from sources.
  • Unit tests
  • Lots of new CEF API exposed
  • Improvements to Core - in source docs and modular code with better structure that will make easier to work with for contributors
  • CI builds with Travis and AppVeyor

API draft

See API.draft.