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sample node-webrender project
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Sample react application for node-webrender so that you can see what's supported and how to setup your environment if you want to play with this too.


  • it is currently calling execSync() so the pause you experience is actually ruby runtime so maybe your first excercise might to make it async and add loading state :-)
  • scrolling is choppy but it's actually not a performance issue, there's currently no threading so event-loop has to be polled for events (every 1/30 of a second)
  • the library is far from being useful but it's getting better every day


To start an application with HMR enabled

git clone
cd brew-cleaner
npm i
npm run dev

You can then do changes to the code and it should refresh instantly (or with just little pause). Some errors are tolerated but some might just crash so maybe you can use nodemon or something if that is an issue for you.

You can start react-devtools with react-devtools if you have them installed globally.

You can also start application without HMR but it's not that much fun.

npm start


Show how to ship native app.

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