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MailChimp List Helper

A simple set of tools that let you manage your pending mailchimp subscribers (people who signed up but never confirmed their email addresses).

More information about why you might want to do this can be found here.

Hosted site

A free version of this tool is hosted here. Follow the instructions below if you want to run it locally or on your own server.


This comes with both a flask web application and a command line utility.

If you haven't already, first setup Python, pip, and a virtualenv.

Install Dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt

Running the flask app FLASK_DEBUG=1 flask run

Fire up http://localhost:5000/ in a browser and you should see the app.

The command line script

Configure Mailchimp Settings

Copy the example config file locally.


Then update the values in the file that correspond to your account information.


Just run the script and it will prompt you interactively about what you want to do.


You will have a second chance to confirm any changes before they are saved to MailChimp.

About / Help / Extending

This app is built on Flask and uses Skeleton CSS.

MailChimp calls are handled by python-mailchimp.


Don't violate any MailChimp terms with this tool! I take no responsibility for anything you do with it.


Tools to help you manage your Mailchimp email lists.




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