Boilerplate to generate MooTools plugins using Grunt
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MooTools plugin template (Grunt 0.3)

This is a boilerplate to generate MooTools plugins using Grunt.

Please note, that it is for now-outdated Grunt 0.3 version. The new grunt-init that complements Grunt 0.4 doesn't seem to allow to put multiple templates into one package. The solution will probably be to create a yo generator instead.

Getting Started

  1. Install this Grunt plugin with:
$ npm install -g grunt-init-mootools
  1. Create a new grunt MooTools plugin stub in an empty directory
$ grunt-init-mootools init:mootools
  1. Answer some questions.

  2. Now you have your new plugin stub ready. These files with the placeholder code have been created:

  • Docs
  • Source
    • ProjectName.js
  • Specs
    • ProjectName.js
    • Tests.html
  • grunt.js
  • package.yml

Now just add code, specs and API docs into the prepared template files

One Source file not enough?

  1. To create additional set of a source, specs and docs files, type in your previously initialized project directory:
$ grunt-init-mootools init:class
  1. Answer some questions.

  2. You're done, have fun.

License & acknowledgments

This work is based on Grunt init template generator from Rodrigo Valerio and borrows a lot from Grunt's own init templates.

Copyright (c) 2013 Korney Czukowski. Licensed under the MIT license.