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This is a fork of I needed this lib for my experimental Rundeck Android client, but Android doesn't support a current version of Apache HTTP Client used by this lib:

When using the Rundeck Java API with a HTTP Client jar from Apache, you'll get the error message: NoSuchMethodException SSLFactory.init

I'm not the first one having this problem. I found a project from Dirk Boye: His project repackages the Apache HTTP Client for Android. For more details see his project page or this stackoverflow question:

So I cloned the Rundeck Java API and replaced all occurences of org.apache.http with ch.boye.httpclientandroidlib and added the httpclientandroidlib as dependency to maven pom.xml. After that I repacked the jar, put it in my android app, recompiled it and everything worked fine.

Because I didn't find the adjusted http client library in a maven reposirtory, I added it with my local filesystem:


So this repository will not work out of github. You have to change the path, according to your local filesystem.