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" To make tabs more readable, the label only contains the tail of the file
" name and the buffer modified flag.
set guitablabel=%M%t
color wombat
" GUI Options:
if has("gui_running")
" Use console messages instead of GUI dialogs
set guioptions+=c
" This is so that HIG Cmd and Option movement mappings can be disabled by
" adding the line
" let macvim_skip_cmd_opt_movement = 1
" to the user .vimrc
" this enables text movements like in normal non vi editors
if !exists("macvim_skip_cmd_opt_movement")
no <D-Left> <Home>
no! <D-Left> <Home>
no <M-Left> <C-Left>
no! <M-Left> <C-Left>
no <D-Right> <End>
no! <D-Right> <End>
no <M-Right> <C-Right>
no! <M-Right> <C-Right>
no <D-Up> <C-Home>
ino <D-Up> <C-Home>
map <M-Up> {
imap <M-Up> <C-o>{
no <D-Down> <C-End>
ino <D-Down> <C-End>
map <M-Down> }
imap <M-Down> <C-o>}
imap <M-BS> <C-w>
imap <D-BS> <C-u>
endif " !exists("macvim_skip_cmd_opt_movement")
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