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A better xlsx library.
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A better xlsx lib for read / write / toTable / from Table

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$ npm install better-xlsx


const fs = require('fs');
const xlsx = require('better-xlsx');

const file = new xlsx.File();

const sheet = file.addSheet('Sheet1');
const row = sheet.addRow();
const cell = row.addCell();

cell.value = 'I am a cell!';
cell.hMerge = 2;
cell.vMerge = 1;

const style = new xlsx.Style();

style.fill.patternType = 'solid';
style.fill.fgColor = '00FF0000';
style.fill.bgColor = 'FF000000';
style.align.h = 'center';
style.align.v = 'center'; = style;

  .on('finish', () => console.log('Done.'));


  • xlsx parser
  • read excel file
  • write excel file
  • transform html table to excel file html2xlsx

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better-xlsx is available under the terms of the MIT License.

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