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A picture says more than a thousands words:

  • user guide, rescued from the former wikispace, feel free to copy improved content into this wiki
  • archived releases
  • the PNG files are previews of the corresponding XML files when pasted into the application


General purpose graphical tools don't understand the relations between the dots and lines of a lace design, so you have to do a lot of thinking to create and maintain the relationships, if possible at all. Graphical tools adapted for bobbin lace makers simplify the creational phase of some of the tasks, but don't solve the fundamental cohesion problem. Thus adjusting a design is still a tedious task.


The BobbinWork approach closely follows how a lace maker learns and applies the stitches in working order and thus creates and maintains the cohesion missed elsewhere. A single design can have various presentations, create just one to get them all at your finger tips:

  • descriptive instructions (presented as a folding tree for as much or little detail as desired)
  • thread diagrams
  • pair diagrams
  • prickings with conventions that can vary per lace style (not yet implemented)
  • animation (not unlike a voodoo board)
    • walk through the descriptive instructions to highlight the corresponding part in the diagram or vice versa,
    • generate a sequence of screen shots of the diagrams. Other tools can turn these screen shots in animated gifs or interactive slide shows.

In practice

It can't:

  • add pairs nor throw them out again
  • make knots nor sewings
  • let you drag and drop stitches around

it can:

  • construct basic and complex stitches from cross and twist
  • apply stitches in simple and complex grounds
  • make a variation of a complex ground with a few clicks
  • use pairs as threads
  • apply threads with different colors and widths
  • gimps (solitaire thick threads) are mimicked by using a pair as a thread (unfortunately a gimp is usually an added pair)
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