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Collaboration for reinventing software in human terms
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Collaboration for reinventing software in human terms

This is a place to share ideas & efforts for reinventing software (computers) to enable fundamentally new ways of thinking & doing. This in pursuit of the Alan Kay's "Computer Revolution (that) hasn't happened yet", with added inspiration from the likes of Bret Victor. A secondary goal is to address the awful state of software (buggy, complex, unpredictable) caused by the widespread failure to view & produce software in HUMAN terms (rather than in nerd-centric mechanistic terms that have nothing to do with the human model).

The best (and perhaps only) way for this to happen is to share openly and explore multiple possibilities (Alan Kay: "Stand on the shoulders of giants"). This project will thus primarily serve as a place to collaborate between multiple separate projects/efforts, with the goal of listing all related concepts & goals in one common place to maximize the exploration of ideas (and goals to aim for). We thus discourage trying to agree on "one way" of doing things, and want to try to recognize and foster all possible views, values, approaches, etc.

This collaboration formed in response to VPRI deciding to disband the "Fonc" mailing list, which had similar goals. Several of us had been doing our own research and/or projects in the dark, and we've resolved to publically share as much as possible to maximize the odds of finding & accomplishing the most meaningul thing(s).

Here it all is:

  • Issues - We are using these for forum-like discussion, as well as to-do items

  • Concepts - Ideas about implementing stuff

  • Goals - Various things that we hope to improve or achieve

  • Resources - Related materials (papers, videos, etc.) to these topics. This can be examples, inspirations, etc.

  • Projects - These are our own projects related to our goals, and/or other related projects

  • Emails - Past email-threads from which the initial creation & shared ideas for this collaboration began

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