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GitLab has repeatedly messed with webhooks, repository mirroring, and CI
itself in sinister ways that silently broke our CI from one day to the
next, without any advance notice, acknowledgment, or even hint what they
have done this time. On top of that, debugging their solution is a
nightmare and time sink, because they provide virtually no insight into
what is going on (at least not without involvement of third party
services) and their API endpoints may just indicate success and still do
This time it appears that they decided to remove "pull" mirroring from
the free tier altogether, meaning that we can no longer keep code on
GitLab in sync with that on GitHub, assuming it is being pushed to the
latter. That renders their product entirely useless for our intents and
To that end, this change switches over to using GitHub Actions as the CI
provider. We start off with a reasonably simple CI script that covers
all the steps we performed previously, but excludes all the advanced
caching logic. The reason for this decision is that GitHub Actions
workers are generally much faster and workflow duration is less of an
issue. Should this change in the future or the program become
significantly bigger, we can always revisit this decision.

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apcacli is a command line application for interacting with the Alpaca API at It provides access to the majority of Alpaca's functionality, including but not limited to:

  • inquiring account information
  • changing account configuration
  • retrieving account activity
  • accessing the market clock
  • submitting, changing, listing, and canceling orders
  • listing and closing open positions
  • listing and retrieving general asset information
  • streaming of account and trade events

It supports both the paper trading as well as the live API endpoints.


The program assumes environment variables representing the Alpaca key ID (APCA_API_KEY_ID) and secret (APCA_API_SECRET_KEY), so make sure that they are present. The program defaults to using the paper trading API. For live trading you will also need to change the URL to the API endpoint to use (APCA_API_BASE_URL).

export APCA_API_BASE_URL=''; # We trade live

With this setup, you can trade from the command line.

Submit an Order
$ apcacli order submit buy SPY --value 1000 --limit-price 200
> 40c13937-5969-48f0-92f8-2f1ef673517a
Lookup an Order
$ apcacli order get 40c13937-5969-48f0-92f8-2f1ef673517a
  order id:         40c13937-5969-48f0-92f8-2f1ef673517a
  status:           accepted
  created at:       Sun, 10 May 2020 10:15:34 -0700
  submitted at:     Sun, 10 May 2020 10:15:34 -0700
  updated at:       Sun, 10 May 2020 10:15:34 -0700
  filled at:        N/A
  expired at:       N/A
  canceled at:      N/A
  quantity:         5
  filled quantity:  0
  type:             limit
  side:             buy
  good until:       canceled
  limit:            200.00 USD
  stop:             N/A
  extended hours:   false
List All Open Positions
$ apcacli position list
                                   |  Avg Entry  |     Today P/L      |      Total P/L
1 AAPL @  274.02 USD =  274.02 USD |  281.59 USD |  5.65 USD ( 2.11%) |  -7.57 USD (-2.69%)
1 AMZN @ 2359.86 USD = 2359.86 USD | 2426.79 USD | 31.74 USD ( 1.36%) | -66.93 USD (-2.76%)
1 BIDU @  101.75 USD =  101.75 USD |  107.33 USD |  0.34 USD ( 0.34%) |  -5.58 USD (-5.20%)
1 CTSO @    8.90 USD =    8.90 USD |    7.98 USD |  0.50 USD ( 5.95%) |   0.92 USD (11.53%)
1 EA   @  113.00 USD =  113.00 USD |  116.76 USD | -0.27 USD (-0.24%) |  -3.76 USD (-3.22%)
1 SPWR @    6.35 USD =    6.35 USD |    6.66 USD |  0.20 USD ( 3.25%) |  -0.31 USD (-4.65%)
3 XLK  @   87.00 USD =  261.00 USD |   80.10 USD |  8.55 USD ( 3.39%) |  20.70 USD ( 8.61%)
----------------------------------- ------------- -------------------- --------------------
                       3124.88 USD   3187.41 USD   46.71 USD ( 1.47%)   -62.53 USD (-1.96%)

More commands are available and can be discovered using the help.

The program is powered by the apca crate and written in Rust. It comes with shell completion support and automatic coloring of profit/losses.

Shell Completion

As mentioned earlier, apcacli comes with shell completion support (for various shells). A completion script can be generated via the shell-complete utility program and then only needs to be sourced to make the current shell provide context-sensitive tab completion support. E.g.,

$ cargo run --bin=shell-complete > apcacli.bash
$ source apcacli.bash

The generated completion script can be installed system-wide as usual and sourced through initialization files, such as ~/.bashrc.

Completion scripts for other shells work in a similar manner. Please refer to the help text (--help) of the shell-complete program for the list of supported shells.


A command line tool for trading stocks on Alpaca (








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