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DACK Playbooks

This is a set of Ansible playbooks that launches the latest version of WordPress, PHP 5.6+, and can be used for static site (use .html extensions) local development, and only local for development now.


  • php5-fpm
  • php5-cgi
  • php5-cli
  • php5-curl
  • php5-gd
  • php5-json
  • php5-mysql
  • php5-xdebug



File a detailed issue with your errors messages, or any suggestions in the issue panel, or a pull request.

Download and Install Dependencies

Ansible best-practices for Ansible Homebrew Vagrant Virtualbox

Install Homebrew

Install via Ansible 1.9.2+ via homebrew

brew update
brew install ansible

Install Virtualbox and Vagrant (brew-cask is an optional here, or simple head to the links above)

Vagrant 1.7.4+, Virtualbox 5.0.0+

git clone {{PROJECT_NAME}}

For example,

git clone DEVTESTPHP


Adjust your /etc/hosts file as necessary to match the Vagrantfile

For example,


In {{PROJECT_NAME}}/group_vars/all.yml

project_name: "dev"
project_url: ""

Start the server with vagrant up If vagrant up outputs an error, please run vagrant destroy -f. Then save and remove the project folder.

Stop the server with vagrant halt

Resume the server with vagrant up


mysql -u root -proot Once the box is running you might want to use Sequel Pro. You can use the default set port 2254 but you should increment an unique port number (host) to avoid the problems below in Vagrantfile. :forwarded_port, guest: 22, host: 2254, auto_correct: false, id: "ssh"

You might run into the error below which means that you have a conflict with your ~/.ssh/known_hosts

Middle Man Attack Warning

If so remove the localhost line in ~/.ssh/known_hosts

Remove localhost

File after removal

Remove localhost

Import plist settings from /src/sequel-pro/ansible-sql.plist

Password: (Blank, no text please) SSH Password: vagrant

Accept RSA Keyprint

Accept RSA Keyprint

Select the database

WP Multisite

For Multisite use, enabled options, {{PROJECT_NAME}}/group_vars/all.yml, toggle true or false

Update hosts file for subdomains

Enable the network

Enable network

Edit wp-config.php based on the given settings, log out, log back in order for them to take effect. If you can’t login, please try another browser or clearing your cache and cookies



Developement setup for PHP & Static Sites.



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