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The D2 port of the Box2D game physics library.
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This is a D port of the Box2D game physics library.

Currently dbox targets Box2D version 2.3.1.

Box2D was created by Erin Catto.


Supported compiler versions

Compilers based on the v2.066 front-end can be used to build and run dbox.


Use dub to build and run the examples:

# A console example of the physics engine being run.
$ dub run dbox:hello_world

# An interactive GUI test-suite containing dozens of examples.
$ dub run dbox:demo

Runtime Requirements

Windows and Linux

You will need to install the glfw shared library in order to run the demo.


You can try installing the glfw v3 library via the brew package manager:

brew tap homebrew/versions
brew install glfw3


Documentation is coming soon.

Building dbox as a static library

Run dub alone in the root project directory to build dbox as a static library:

$ dub



Distributed under the zlib license.

See the accompanying file license.txt.

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