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D gamedev toolkit. 3D maths, language-friendly wrappers, stb_truetype port, etc...
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GFM is a lightweight library to ease the creation of video games / multimedia applications with the D programming language.

(Oudated) documentation and overview can be found here:

See the changelog here to upgrade:


Public Domain (Unlicense).

How to use GFM?

Add the sub-package you are interested in in your dub.json:

      "dependencies": {
        "gfm:math": "~>5.0"

See the examples/ directory, or as an example of a game.


Who is using GFM?

Why using GFM?

  • GFM has low churn and has been maintained since 2012.
  • GFM primarily provides math primitives that are useful for games like vectors/matrices/quaternions in the gfm:math and gfm:integers package.
  • Other subpackages are wrappers: transparent layers that expose the C libraries objects, turn every error code into an D exception and makes it easier to use the library correctly. They do almost nothing and perhaps you don't need them.


You absolutely don't need to use the whole of GFM. Pick just what you need to minimize the amount of dependencies.

There is an ongoing work to delete things in GFM that exist elsewhere but better. See to discover lots of useful libraries for your programs.

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