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IMPORTANT 2: GFM has been deprecated in favor of dplug:math. Use version 8 if you want the former content gfm:integer and gfm:math content. No PR will be accepted.


Here is something I wanted to do for a while. I'm abandoning gfm in favor of dplug:math (vectors, matrices, and box), which will be tailored for Dplug needs. I know gfm has been a reliable and stable library over the years but there should be much better libraries around nowadays. gfm has never been super good in usability and purpose; and I just have no need for such a generic library anymore. I hope you understand and go build a better library. Overstretching with too many libraries to maintain is not very good for me. p0nce

IMPORTANT: GFMv8 has been stripped down to gfm:math and gfm:integers only. Use version 7 if you want the former content.

See the changelog here to upgrade:


Public Domain (Unlicense).

How to use GFM?

Add the sub-package you are interested in in your dub.json:

      "dependencies": {
        "gfm:math": "~>8.0"


Why use GFM?

  • GFM provides math primitives that are useful for games like vectors/matrices/quaternions in the gfm:math package,
  • Also provide arbitrary sized integers, fixed point numbers, and half-float numbers in gfm:integers,

This library is really small now

There used to be a lot more stuff in GFM previously. See to discover lots of useful libraries for your programs.