Programs made by students with EZ

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Table of Contents

2018 Spring

P3 Website Builder
P3 Final Souls
P3 I Drift
P3 UFO Refuel
P3 Cave Escape
P2 Robot Escape
P2 Don't Be Crab Meat
P2 Blink

2017 Fall

Flapping in the 90s Clone
Extraterrestrial Onslaught
Duck Hunt

2017 Spring

P3 Kit
P3 Portal
P3 Hungry Eddie
P3 World of War Tankz
P3 Tower Defense
P3 Sprite Fight
P3 Elect

2016 Fall

P3 Shoot'em up
P3 Pirate Attack
P3 Ice Cream
P3 Hunter's Ground
P3 KoF
P3 Frogger
P3 Pac Man
P1 Race

2015 Spring

Homework 1 Instrument

Team 4.3 Bruno Mars Uptown Funk
Team 3.7 DS skin with piano / guitar
Team 6.1 Grand Piano Star Wars
Team 2.1 Electric Piano
Team 6.5 Cat Orchestra
Team 1.2 Guitar
Team 1.1 Stringed Guitar(?)
Team 6.1 Electric Piano Ode
Team 2.2 Planets

Homework 2 Choose Your Adventure

Team 5.6 The Temple
Team 4.6 Totoro
Team 6.4 Alice
Team 6.5 The Mission
Team 4.2 Aliens
Team 3.5 Pokemon
Team 1.2 The Island
Team 5.3 The House
Team 5.4 The Cruise
Team 3.2 Escape
Team 3.1 Pallet Town
Team 4.3 Library

Homework 3 Chicken Herder

Team 1.2 Freeform project: Who wants to be a millionaire?
Team 6.8
Team 4.1
Team 6.4
Team 3.5
Team 2.2
Team 5.2
Team 5.4
Team 1.1 Freeform Project: Tekken rock paper scissors
Team 4.3 Freeform Project: Recipe finder

2014 Fall

Homework 1 Pong

Missile Command
Flappy Bird

Homework 2 Script Parser

3D shape emulation
Itsy Bitsy Spider with capability review
Mock Pokemon Battle
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Super Smash Bros

Homework 3 Music Video

Sad Robot
A Space Oddity
Smooth Criminal

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