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observe windows process starts and stops via influxdb
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ever wondered what processes are being started and stopped on your machine?

observe windows process starts and stops via InfluxDB, influxdb-csharp, WqlEventQuery, with the code cleaning help of Reactive Extensions.

query in InfluxDB


create database processes

and running the application (requires administration rights)


> select * from processes..lifecycle order by time desc limit 10
name: lifecycle
time                event_name host  parent_process_id process_id process_name
1477664284913589760 stopped    PING2 0                 13888      dllhost.exe
1477664283913088768 stopped    PING2 0                 5344       dllhost.exe
1477664279910585088 stopped    PING2 0                 7660       nvtray.exe
1477664278912537600 stopped    PING2 0                 13624      nvtray.exe
1477664278912537344 started    PING2 12844             7660       nvtray.exe
1477664278911542016 started    PING2 9000              3736       conhost.exe
1477664278911542016 started    PING2 948               13888      dllhost.exe
1477664278911542016 started    PING2 12664             9000       observable_win_process.exe
1477664278911541760 stopped    PING2 0                 6028       consent.exe
1477664278910555648 started    PING2 948               5344       dllhost.exe

Example limiting the query to a time frame and a certain process:

select * from processes..lifecycle
   WHERE time > '2016-10-27T20:21:00Z' AND time < '2016-10-27T20:21:00Z' + 1m
   AND process_name = 'git.exe'
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