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dRonin is an autopilot/flight controller firmware for flight controllers in the OpenPilot/Tau Labs family. It's aimed at a variety of use cases: acro/racing, autonomous flight and vehicle research.

dRonin is currently actively developed. dRonin seeks to improve acro/racing performance and autotuning on all targets, and push forwards with better autonomous flight and navigation functionality.

Getting started

Flight Controllers that can run dRonin

  • STM32F4 Controllers : AeroQuad32, BrainFPV, BrainFPV RE1, Quanton, Revolution (and various clones such as AirbotF4, but not SD card variants), Seppuku, Sparky2
  • STM32F3 Controllers : DTFc, LUX, PikoBLX, Sparky, SPRacingF3Evo (and clones)
  • Others: Raspberry Pi (with our FlyingPIO hat), PipXtreme/OPLink/TauLink radios, PlayUAV OSD

Further information : Choosing a flight controller for dRonin

Developer Documentation

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