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Development Android development environment setup

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Setting up an Android Development Environment

Preferred method

make android_sdk_install
make android_sdk_update


  1. Download the android sdk
  2. Unzip and run android-sdk-macosx\tools\android
  3. Install platform-tools
  4. Add newly created directory android-sdk-macosx\platform-tools to PATH
  5. Download eclipse (On Mac OSX 10.6.8, Indigo did not work for ADT plugin)
  6. Install the ADT plug in to Eclipse following these instructions: . Select both the Developer Tools and the NDK Plugins for OSG support later (which uses the NDK)
  7. Configure your system to sign the packages and generate a valid map key: signing your apps

Building Android GCS

Build only:

make androidgcs

Build and install on device via ADB (assuming you have USB debugging enabled on your device etc.):

make androidgcs_install
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