User Guide: FrSKY Sensor Hub

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Note: this Sensor Hub module applies to "D8" mode telemetry. If you are using D16 mode (i.e. S.Port then see this article for the SmartPort module. Different receivers either use D8 or D16 mode, so make sure you check what your receiver uses. E.g. D4R-ii uses D8.

FrSKY Sensor Hub enables your board to send UAVO data to a FrSKY receiver. This a replacement of real FrSKY Sensor Hub hardware.

Getting module working

This video demonstrated configuring the Sensor Hub telemetry on Sparky

Making connection

If you are using F1 or F4 hardware, external hardware is required to connect to your receiver. This is to invert the signal transmitted from the flight controller to the protocol received on receiver. For an F3 board (e.g. Sparky) this hardware is not required as there is a built in inverter.

  1. Create a suitable connection cable with TTL<=>RS232 converter
  2. Connect RS232 side to the FrSKY receiver.
  3. Connect TTL side to a free uart

For Sparky simply connect the TX from the flight controller to the RX on the receiver.

Configuring flight controller

  1. Set that serial ports on your board to "FrSKY Sensor Hub" in the hardware settings
  2. Enable the UAVOFrSKYSensorHubBridge module in module settings
  3. Restart your flight control

Data you will receive

The module will send this data:

  • altitude (variable 'Alt')
  • temperatures (from baro and from accelerometer, variables 'T1' and 'T2')
  • x, y and z acceleration (variables 'AccX', 'AccY' and 'AccZ')
  • current, voltage and cell voltages (if battery module is enabled, variables 'Curr' and 'Cels')
  • gps data (if gps module has a fix, variable 'GPS Alt' latitude, longitude)

see or for protocol documentation

Using GPS coordinates in Google Maps

  1. in Taranis radio setup set 'GPS coordinate format' to NMEA

  2. Taranis will display coordinates like this
    54° 12.3456 N
    12° 12.3456 E

  3. Enter them in Google Maps or Earth as 54.123456, 12.123456 to find the location

Wiring example for Revo and D4R-II

rs232 to ttl converter wiring

Revo serial port wiring

d4r wiring

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