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A builder of mesh geometry useful for making 3D plots
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DRMeshGeometry Cleaned up the pan/rotate/scale code. Jun 10, 2013

Note: this repo is not expected to be updated until at least summer 2014. There is also some new technology that I would like to use to make this project nicer and some parts of SceneKit that I have a much greater understanding of now that I would like to update.

DRMeshGeometry v0.3

DRMeshGeometryBuilder is a builder of static mesh geometry that makes it really easy to do 3D graphs in SceneKit.

An example rendering of a mesh

The above geometry was generated with this code (available in the sampe project)

DRCartesianMeshGeometryBuilder *builder = [[DRCartesianMeshGeometryBuilder alloc] init];
builder.textureRepeatCounts = DRMeshCountMake(10, 10);
builder.xRange = DRMeshRangeMake(-20.0, 20.0);
builder.zRange = DRMeshRangeMake(-20.0, 20.0);

SCNGeometry *sine = [builder geometryWithCartesianFunction:^CGFloat(CGFloat x, CGFloat z) {
    return 2.0 * (sinf(.4*x) - cosf(.4*z));

Once the geometry is generated it can be shaded using any light and material just like normal geometry in the scene.

Another shading of a sample mesh

Other coordinate systems

There is also similar builders to construct both cylindrical and spherical meshes, as seen below.

The following code generates the cylindrical mesh seen below

DRCylinderMeshGeometryBuilder *cylinderBuilder = [[DRCylinderMeshGeometryBuilder alloc] init];
cylinderBuilder.thetaRange = DRMeshRangeMake(0, 2.0*M_PI);
cylinderBuilder.yRange = DRMeshRangeMake(-10.0, 10.0);
cylinderBuilder.textureRepeatCounts = DRMeshCountMake(25, 4);

SCNGeometry *sine = [cylinderBuilder geometryWithCylinderFunction:^CGFloat(CGFloat theta, CGFloat y) {
    return 3.0*cosf(6.0*theta)+15.-0.5*y;

An example rendering of a cylindric mesh

In the same manner, this code generates the spherical mesh seen below

DRSphereMeshGeometryBuilder *sphereBuilder = [[DRSphereMeshGeometryBuilder alloc] init];
sphereBuilder.thetaRange = DRMeshRangeMake(0, M_PI);
sphereBuilder.psiRange   = DRMeshRangeMake(-M_PI_2, 1.25*M_PI);
sphereBuilder.textureRepeatCounts = DRMeshCountMake(6, 6);

SCNGeometry *sine = [sphereBuilder geometryWithSphereFunction:^CGFloat(CGFloat theta, CGFloat psi) {
    return -5.0*psi + 0.5*sinf(theta*30.0);

An example rendering of a sphere mesh

Known limitations

  • Currently only supports continous geometry.

If you need this or another addition or find a bug, please file an issue.

Future ideas

I’m also thinking of making the graph view into a component with properties for showing the axis and allowing the user to pan around.

New in v0.3

  • Two finger trackpad gestures to pan, zoom and rotate.

New in v0.2

  • Spherical and cylindrical mesh builders.
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