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A smart-contract based system for industrial water & waste resource management. Powered by the BYTOM Blockchain.
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Expert System Proposal Code
Smart Contracts

Bluechain for BYTOM

A Smart-Contract based, distributed system for industrial waste and resource management.
Powerful, trustless, government-friendly and fully transparent,
powered by the BYTOM Blockchain -


Bluechain is a blockchain-based system designed for the efficient and transparent management of industrial water & waste resources, in the framework of environmentally-aware advancement and growth. It uses Smart Contracts to model relations between its internal representations of the Government, Industries, Scientific Teams and Environmental Zones, and custom Assets to digitize the real-world resources transferred between them. In our case study, we designed our system around China's Yangtze River Economic Belt (YREB) regions, one of the most production-intense continuous aquatic ecosystems on the planet.

Bluechain's design

Bluechain utilizes Smart Contracts to control and maintain an ecosystem of transferrable Assets that represents a close digital imprint of the real-world waste & water resource management sector. Relationships of authority, governance and production are designed into the system, so as to help existing industries automate their resource request and waste disposal operations on the blockchain and provide the tools for evaluators to easily detect problems and discrepancies, promoting sustainable economic growth and lawful, environmentally-aware practices.

A more extended description of our project's design, along with flowcharts for each Smart Contract's operation flow, can be found in the Bluechain Whitepaper

Our project's Wiki also includes a Starting Developer guide, to help BYTOM developers on writing, deploying and using their Custom Assets and Smart Contracts. Check it out here!

Case Study & Whitepaper

A big part of our Whitepaper is original research exploring the real need of a high-tech optimization and management in China's Industrial Market. We designed our system to be fully in-line with current Chinese environmental policies. More can be found on the Bluechain Whitepaper.

Future Work

Chapter 3 of our Whitepaper is dedicated to future work and proposed expansion concepts, both on Bluechain and the BYTOM network itself.

Acknowledgements & License

We would like to thank:

  • BYTOM developers Chris Lin, Martin Zhong, and @oysheng for their significant support and answers to our programming Issues
  • The BYTOM community on discord as a whole for all their help and support
  • BYTOM Overseas Operators Zhang Xi & Yi Ren for coordinating and accomodating us
  • The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki's departments of Computer Science and Biology for giving us access to numerous scientific databases
  • Our colleagues for their support


Created by: Dimitris Sfounis (, George Vagenas

Greece, October 25th 2018

This project is released under the MIT license, see the LICENSE file for more details.

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