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Dimitris Sfounis edited this page Oct 21, 2018 · 8 revisions

Welcome to the BlueChain wiki and our Starting Developer's Guide!

Here you can find tutorials and guides on basic BYTOM Developing that I wrote as I was learning to code things on the BYTOM chain. The official BYTOM wiki as of now (October 2018) is sparse and has some mistakes, so I thought that a collection of basic info would be helpful to other starting devs.

  1. How to install BYTOM on your Debian machine

  2. Declaring and Issuing your custom Assets, to be used in your Smart Contracts

  3. Writing, Compiling and Deploying your first BYTOM Smart Contract

  4. Using your compiled Smart Contract to lock (handle) an Asset

  5. Unlocking an Asset (by running a Clause) locked in your Smart Contract

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