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Google Go Redis RESP3 client
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go-resp3 client is a Go implementation of the Redis RESP3 protocol. It is intended as a simple Go wrapper for Redis commands and is not going to support

  • former Redis protocols (RESP3 only).
  • Redis cluster protocol (allthough cluster commands are implemented) - please use Redis Cluster Proxy instead.


go get


To build go-resp3 you need to have a working Go environment with version 1.13.4 or higher installed.


API documentation and documented examples can be found at


To run the driver tests and benchmarks a running Redis server (version >= 6.0) is required. For the Redis connection localhost ( and the default Redis port is used. The following environment variables can be set to use alternative host and port addresses:



  • Full RESP3 implementation supporting receiving attributes, streamed strings and streamed aggregate types.
  • Standardized generated command interface.
  • Asynchronous client with concurrent read / write supporting commands and out of band data within same connection.
  • Redis pipeline support.
  • Extendable via custom connection and pipeline (see

Edge cases

To simplify the command API some of the Redis commands got replaced by a set of commands:

Redis command Replaced by API commands
Bitop BitopAnd, BitopNot, BitopOr, BitopXor
Object ObjectEncoding, ObjectFreq, ObjectHelp, ObjectIdletime, ObjectRefcount
Pubsub PubsubChannels, PubsubNumpat, PubsubNumsub
Set Set, SetEx, SetExNx, SetExXx, SetNx, SetPx, SetPxNx, SetPxXx, SetXx
Slowlog SlowlogGet, SlowlogLen, SlowlogReset
Xgroup XgroupCreate, XgroupSetid, XgroupDestroy, XgroupDelconsumer, XgroupHelp
Xinfo XinfoConsumers, XinfoGroups, XinfoStream, XinfoHelp
Zadd Zadd, ZaddCh, ZaddNx, ZaddNxCh, ZaddXx, ZaddXxCh

Please see the following table for deprecated Redis commands and their replacements:

Redis command Replaced by API command
Hmset Hset
Setex SetEx
Setnx SetNx
Psetex SetPx
Zadd [INCR] Zincrby
Slaveof Replicaof


  • n/a


This is an alpha version. The client API may be subject to change until the first stable version is available.

  • Complete redis command tests.
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